Laura LeatonAbout Laura Leaton

Laura Leaton has a natural gift for helping individuals discover their inner strengths and use those strengths to achieve personal and professional success. She is an expert in sales, Leadership Development Training, Workforce Retention and personal performance coaching. What began as a successful stint coaching Division I Collegiate Women’s Volleyball, led her to an accomplished 17-year career with a competitive global Fortune 500 company. During her tenure, she successfully held Sales Training, Sales Management, Sales Director and Executive Coaching roles and ultimately Executive Director of Leadership Development where she coached managers, emerging leaders and individual contributors throughout the company.

Laura has spent her entire career, leading high performing teams, and supporting individuals in achieving their goals. After much reflection into her own leadership journey, she has cultivated an intense devotion to promoting the power of compassion in the workplace. She has a reputation for employing a personal, dynamic approach to affecting change. She is recognized as an energetic leader, strong motivator, noteworthy communicator, powerful speaker, and soon to be the author of the book “Compassionate Leadership: Getting to The Heart of What Matters.”

Laura is an Executive Coach, Transformational Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. She is the owner of Anchored Elements Coaching, LLC. Laura grew up in Los Angeles, CA. and now resides in Louisville, KY, with her wife Beth, 3 dogs and 2 cats. She is a dedicated volunteer and mentor at Down Syndrome of Louisville, loves to travel and enjoys all things outdoors.