• I had the opportunity to work with Laura in multiple roles over the past 15 years. She is one of the most genuine people I have ever been around. She has the unique ability to connect to a person to push out their potential, while showing the utmost concern for who they are. She is a challenger and a connecter. I am a better person because of her.

    Tim Lanier, Vice President General Medicine and Women’s Health
  • Laura is a smart and passionate professional. Her experience at different levels of sales leadership and leadership development provide her with an extensive background. She can walk the walk and talk the talk. She shows up with high energy and an engaging personality which always makes for a productive experience and fun time.

    Matt Hayden, Director Training Effectiveness
  • Laura is an experience, authentic and vulnerable leader. I grow with every conversation we have, and I consider the opportunity to experience her coaching one of the greatest gifts of my career.

    Karen Connolly, Assoc. VP Sales Training and Leadership Development
  • If you have ever considered contacting a professional or personal development coach, look no further. Throughout my time with Laura, I accomplished several goals that I had previously believed were not reachable, as well as a heightened confidence in myself to step out of my comfort zone to “follow the breadcrumbs”. Laura is a phenomenal motivator and will be your biggest cheerleader, while pushing you to cast aside any skepticism so you can live your best life!

    Laurie Hellman Sales Manager, Author & Podcaster
  • Laura was able to leverage her own strong leadership skills to identify communication gaps on my management team. Her engaging personality made the whole team feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feedback and having difficult discussions. The team is so much more collaborative and productive as a result!

    Stuart Ragins- Vice President Sales Planning & Analytics

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